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Pets are part of our families and it is our responsibility to care for them and make sure that they get regular veterinarian checks in order to secure their well being. From time to time our furry friends may also need an emergency veterinarian service and it is essential for every pet owner to choose a reliable and experienced pet clinic to take care of their health. The mission of Mississippi Animal Hospital of Aurora CO is to provide the highest quality veterinary, medical, as well as preventive care to our four legged patients, at a reasonable cost.

Loving and compassionate care

May 31, 2013 by Ellen

Dr. Soliman and staff were professional and comforting to me when my cat died. I appreciate the heart that Dr. Soliman gives to both the animal and the owner. She truly understands and respects how our pets are a member of the family. I am relieved to have found such an excellent vet to care for my other cat.
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Mississippi Animal Hospital

Address: 10695 East Mississippi Ave., Aurora, CO 80012-3002

Phone: (720) 859-7788

The staff and doctors of Mississippi Animal Hospital are here for your pet whenever you need them, to provide you with the best veterinarian service in Aurora CO. We offer quality, economical after-hours care. We have been serving the local community since 1945. Over the last 67 years our veterinarians have been helping pets and their owners through everything from second opinion consultations to life-threatening crises. Our experienced and polite vets take the time to answer all your questions and concerns We provide high quality veterinarian service in Aurora COthoroughly after your dog or cat has been evaluated. They are committed to providing the best treatment solutions for your pet’s medical needs, as well as your financial concerns. Bare in mind that even though we will provide an exceptional service, you will get the best emergency veterinarian service rates in the area.

At our pet hospital in Aurora CO we have at least one veterinarian, as well as several nursing staff members on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who have the expertise, training and equipment to handle any urgent care required for your pet. Common emergencies range from more simple and non life-threatening conditions such as a toenail trimmed too short to more serious cases such as being attacked by a wild animal or hit by a car. If you ever feel that your cat or dog needs emergency treatment do not hesitate to call at once. Our attentive and polite staff will ask a few relevant questions, in order to determine the severity of your pet’s condition and will then explain to you precisely what steps will be taken.

When you need emergency veterinarian services,

call us at (720) 859-7788!

You can also contact our veterinarians anytime you consider your pet needs urgent care but you are not able to schedule an appointment with your routine care provider. Our veterinary records will be automatically transferred to your day time veterinarian in order to provide continuity of care.

We recommend that all pet owners who decide to make our pet clinic their first choice for urgent service, familiarize themselves with the location of our facility so that, in the event of an emergency, there are able to bring in their pet in a swift manner, saving precious moments that could be critical to a successful outcome. Professional & Caring Vet Service. Pet HospitalOur team practices triage. This practice enables us to prioritize the emergency cases relative to the level of severity. Upon arrival at the hospital each furry patient’s situation is evaluated, so priority can be established. Thus we are able to ensure the most appropriate and timely care.

Mississippi Animal Hospital is a full-service animal care clinic whose mission is to deliver the highest standard of emergency veterinary care for your pets. We genuinely care about your beloved friends and all creatures, great and small. Our staff members are passionate about animals, veterinary medicine and are well trained in urgent care.

Our facility is located at 10695 East Mississippi Ave., Aurora, CO 80012-3002 and you can reach our front office at (720) 859-7788.

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